2018 Themes

Your group's experience is your choice! Choose from one of four themes, or create your own experience!

No matter which theme you choose you will get to serve and learn from a variety of places with different approaches. Our goal in this to help your group consider which approaches might be most needed in your community right now and to discover the variety of ways each person in your group can use their gifts and passions to make a difference.  Every theme will spend time learning about the differences between service and justice and how we can do both in ways that are relational, sustainable and dignity giving.  We want your group to leave empowered to make a difference in new ways when you get back home!



In 2017 there was on any given night over 3,000 people experiencing homelessness in Tarrant County.  If you choose this theme we will dive deep into learning about the things that can lead to homelessness, a variety of approaches communities take to find solutions for those experiencing homelessness, and best practices for walking with and caring for our neighbors while they are in the midst of homelessness.  Your group will learn from people who are experiencing homelessness and non-profit and faith leaders who work with this community.  You will serve and learn in places like Room in the Inn, the Presbyterian Night Shelter family shelter, Union Gospel Mission, WestAid, Tarrant County Homelessness Coalition, Habitat for Humanity, First Street Mission, DRC Solutions and True Worth Place.



In Tarrant County 1 of 6 people of all ages struggles with food insecurity and/or hunger, and 1 in 4 children come from families that live with uncertainty about where their next meal will come from.  If you choose this theme we will learn together a variety of aspects in a community that can keep people from having consistent access to healthy food.  We will serve and learn from different organizations with different approaches to hunger relief.  You will learn from people who have experienced hunger and from non-profit and faith leaders who work in this area as well as from professors who teach about issues of food justice. You will serve and learn in places like, the Jubilee Garden, meals on wheels, the Tarrant Area Food Bank, the UNT Community Garden, WestAid Food Pantry, and Rise Against Hunger.  


Children in urban areas

In many of our communities, our children are the most vulnerable among us.  If you choose this theme we will learn about the variety of concerns facing children in urban areas and different approaches to help our children be safe, fed, loved and empowered to live their full potential.  You will serve and learn from children, elementary and early-childhood teachers, professors and non-profit and faith leaders who serve children.  You will serve in places like Como Community Center, International Newcomers Academy, Presbyterian Night Shelter Family Shelter, ACH Child and Family services, Alliance for Children, the Warm Place,Cook Children's hospital, Kids Who Care, RD Evans Community Center, and Girls Inc. 


Bridges (Immigrant &refugees)

For many of our neighbors, the United States is not their first home.  If you choose this theme we will learn more about our neighbors who have arrived as immigrants or refugees.  We will learn more about the different reasons and ways that people find a new home in the United States and how we can best support and stand with our new neighbors.  We will learn from immigrants and refugees, professors and non-profit and faith leaders who work with refugees.  We will serve and learn from places like the International Newcomers Academy, Catholic Charities, Texas Refugee Services, and Church World Service. 


Choose your own adventure

DWhat concerns in your community is your group passionate about and feeling called to respond to?  What issues of injustice does your group want to learn more about and dive deeper into?  Let us know and we can help to create a trip to prepare your group to head back home ready to make a difference.  We have had groups choose themes before such as women's empowerment, race relations, and environmental justice.