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Our Mission

Empowering people to put faith into action in ways that are relational, sustainable & dignity-based by hosting service and justice trips in Fort Worth Texas!



What We Do

We host service and justice trips in Fort Worth TX that empower and teach your group to put faith into action in ways that are relational, sustainable & dignity-based!

Connect Fort Worth plans all of your service projects and leads reflections through games, journaling, speakers & worship. Reflections will help your group look at the issue they are encountering through a theological, sociological and historical lens and will empower them to address it in ways that are relational, sustainable & dignity-based when they go home! Connect Fort Worth is a ministry of and located in Ridglea Christian Church in Fort Worth TX.




Groups come from all over the country,
colleges,  churches, service organizations, etc. 




Ranging in age from 9 to 87! 

All of varying abilities! There is work for you!




We work with over 20 different organizations in the Fort Worth area!

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Our Themes

Connect Fort Worth offers FIVE themes for your group's trip. Hunger, Homelessness, Children in Urban Areas, Bridges (immigrants & refugees), or a theme you create in collaboration with our Connect Fort Worth director. During the week you will serve with and learn from a variety of non-profits and community groups who are working in the social justice theme you have chosen. You will build relationships with people who are affected by that issue, grow in your understanding of the root causes of the issue, and learn and experience different solutions for making a difference. You will learn from children, community leaders, teachers, social workers, those experiencing homelessness and hunger, refugees, and people who are a part of the community who you might have never met before. Each day will include service, reflection, learning, and fun! We will continuously ask these questions: who, what, so what, and now what?



"Best mission trip in YEARS. Connect Fort Worth has established relationships with all of the organizations they work with. You never find yourself standing around doing nothing. The schedule is well planned and executed, and the worship/reflection components are awesome. You will love it at Ridglea!"


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If you want to schedule your trip, get more information, or ask group specific questions, please contact us!


FOrms for your group

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What else to do in fort worth?

Fort Worth is an exciting city with lots of opportunities for fun and entertainment! From professional sporting events to the stockades, there is something for your group!